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    Ohio Boiler Rentals, Steam to Go, Ohio Steam … – Boiler Specialists. We are Ohio's leading source for boiler rentals, with the area's largest fleet of trailer-mounted rental boilers. Call any time … UNIT #B001 Kewanee Steam Boiler. Chat Now; Kewanee Boilers and Burner Replacement PartsLearn More

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    Equipment #B162. Kewanee Classic III, Model H3S-125, 150 PSIG design, 3-Pass Wetback, skid mounted packaged fire tube boiler, manufactured in 1985, with 625 sq. ft. heating surface. This stand-alone boiler includes the following componentsLearn More

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    One (1) 200 horsepower Kewanee 3-pass, wet back, steam boiler, Model # H3S-200-Ohio-G, design pressure 325 psi, capable of producing 6,900 lbs. of steam per hour from and at 212°F. ASME Section I shell, 358 sq ft of heating surface. Comes with Kewanee natural gas burner, maximum input 8,370,000 btu. Fuel valving and controls meeting UL/CSD-1 Learn More

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    Kewanee Boiler was founded in 1868 by Valerius D. Anderson, who was a manufacturer of steam pressure cookers. In the early 1870s, his company started producing boilers for heating use in homes and other buildings. He handed over the reins to his company to William Haxtun in 1875, who renamed the business to the Haxtun Steam Heater Company.Learn More

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    Manufacturer: Kewanee Boiler Company, Kewanee, Illinois. Year Built: 1952 Built for: Casad Army Engineer's Depot at New Haven, Indiana Type: Fire Tube, HRT (Horizontal Return Tube), Locomotive type firebox boiler. Firing method: Coal, by hand Length overall: 17′ 7 1/2″ BarrelLearn More

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    200 HP Kewanee 150psi. B216 & B378 are used 200 HP 3‐Pass wetback boilers made by Kewanee. They are currently configured to burn Natural Gas and can produce steam at a maximum allowable working pressure of 150psi. Status: 2 Available. Capacity: 200 HP / 6,900 PPH.Learn More

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    Manufacturer: Kewanee. Year: N/A. Model Number: Description: 100hp Steam Heated Boiler, 125psi. Serial Number: Available Upon Request. Voltage: 230/60/3. For complete serial number and description, please fill out the Price Quote Inquiry or call us at +1.818.789.8045.Learn More

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    Jan 25, 2019 · Kewanee's are boilers that are easily retrofitted to meet NOx requirements. Manley's Boiler is a full service boiler maintenance and repair company. If you have an emergency with the Kewanne Boiler, or need a service call, Manley's Boiler is here to help. Our field team works on Kewanee Boilers …Learn More

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    Oct 01, 2014 · 1913 Kewanee c type boiler questions. Here I go again ok I was very impressed with the responses to my questions I had last year I want to say thank you to everyone who responded to my question and let you know that my old boiler ran flawlessly all winter long but now in my infinite wisdom I have purchased a old school in which I plan to make Learn More

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    What Happened to Kewanee? - OEM Boiler PartsLearn More

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    KEWANEE B. by 1-800-848-8197 ha//mark of O ASME Code Constructed Boiler for 15 psi Steam or 30 psi Water Working Pressure.Learn More

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    kewanee steam boiler We sell parts for Kewanee boilers and Kewanee burners. Call us at 1-800-848-8197 for help with replacement parts. Kewanee Boilers – Summary of Kewanee Boilers. Includes product specifications, warranty conditions, Kewanee was well known in the steam Learn More

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    Jul 15, 2016 … For those unaware, the Kewanee Boiler Company made steam boilers in Kewanee from 1892 to 2002 when the factory closed. They were sent … Kewanee Literature – Kewanee Boiler & Burner Parts Social Media · Contact Us. Data Sheets for Kewanee Boiler, Burners, and Deaerators. Classic III … Low Pressure Steam or 30 PSI Water.Learn More

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    (The boiler tech was informative, telling me about the ancient boilers that used to be housed in a central heating plant that was demolished around 2008 to make space for a new parking lot.) Two Kewanee boilers are installed in Panhellenic Hall, a residence hall for sororities. They are the only Kewanee boilers installed on campus.Learn More

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    Mar 11, 2019 · Kewanee boilers were made to operate as oil burners, gas burners or combination oil and gas burners. Many of its boilers, such as the Type R Firebox, featured a compact 3-pass design for the maximum transfer of heat. Kewanee Boiler Parts – P C McKenzie Company We recommend that each Kewanee Boiler owner maintain a one year spare parts inventory.Learn More

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    Mar 11, 2019 · Kewanee Boilers – Product Lines. Kewanee was a major producer of boilers within the United States and internationally. Kewanee boilers were made to operate as oil burners, gas burners or combination oil and gas burners.Learn More

  • Antique Steam Boilers from 1950s Could be Replaced Soon

    Apr 30, 2019 · A high school in Geneseo is still using Kewanee steam boilers originally installed in 1952 and 1963. These systems, over 60 years old, are in desperate need of repairs, which is causing the school to debate replacing them altogether.Learn More

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    Following is a list of Kewanee Gasket Kits. Please call toll free 1-877-244-4883 and order these KEWANEE gasket kits by the part number listed in red. All Kewanee Gasket Kits are in Stock and ready to ship. L3S-20 to L3S-50 Kewanee Gasket Kit – Parts included everything needed to redo the Kewanee boiler: USE PART #: L3S20/50GSK L3S-60 to L3S Learn More

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    Kewanee Boiler Kewanee Boiler was one of the two great industries that were instrumental in making Kewanee the city that it became and still is. The historical explanation for that begins in 1868 when a man named Valerius Anderson started a company in Kewanee to make steam heating Kewanee Boiler remained . Kewanee® Boilers. This page updated Learn More

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    Kewanee's two premier industries—the Walworth and the Boiler. Both had their origin in a small company formed in 1868 at 200 E. Fourth known as Anderson Feed Steamer Co. The company originally made boilers for cooking hog feed but soon started making steam heating systems for buildings, which it called "base burners and radiators."Learn More